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Re: Shinn 2016 Thread- the new spring release boards

Postby boracay » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:25 am

Shinn Jackson with P Foil Review.

I received my P foil this week, what a beautiful looking and made piece of kit!

I managed to take it out twice yesterday (I have never foiled before) the first session was in around 10k's with a 10meter Airush wave, it was a humbling experience, like learning to kite all over again! the light wind didn't help. It took a bit of time to get the foil in the right position and balance right, I must have had 20+ comedy falls. In the end I had a few rides without rising and finished with a small 15m foil ride.

The second ride was gusty 15-17ks still on the 10m wave. It was now much easier having a bit of wind and also really chilling whist getting up on the foil, I had a few rides both ways without engaging the foil, onto engaging the foil, a few more comedy falls, then cracked the balance and had 5 or 6 100m + runs. Wow what a buzz!!! like that first feeling of riding behind a kite again but even better! Floating at mad upwind angles. The foil felt stable and predicable and relatively easy to learn on.

It's a great piece of kit that anyone with a bit of kiting experience would enjoy, it has got me really excited in getting down the beach and experiencing and learning more technique.

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Re: Shinn 2016 Thread- the new spring release boards

Postby Mike B » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:13 am

That's a good writeup, thanks.
P foil is amazing - it beings last years "lesson in pain" session into a new era - a 100% enjoyable experience.

Last year we were using 4x the power to initiate foiling, then going into FULL SPEED emergency destruction management, resulting it massive stacks, again and again - in the end I was hitting and rolling my body to find bits of flesh that were not sore from stacking on the same place, over and over. In the end I had iar infections from smacking so many times.

This year all abilities are getting up on the 1st if not second session for sustained comfortable flight, and not taking the hits. Comedy fall are fun, no, 25kph stacks, 1m up, hurt! lol
The P foil is not slow either - 38kmh... the max on my freeride death foils has been 4-5kmh faster than the max of a P foil. If I had to go racing I know which one I'd take- the one that's not trying to kill me constantly and lets me go round corners! hahahaha

good on you - it's a whole world of fun ahead of you - and people say it's like mowing the lawn - haha, the biggest mental workout you'll ever have on a kiteboard!


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